Chief: Michael Volpe
886 Mill Rd. Jamestown, NY 14701

Scanner Freq. 46.14

Emergencies Dial - 911

Tel. (716) 487-1271

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Rescue 312
Rescue 312
EVI Walk-in Heavy Rescue. In 1995, the department added this piece for additional storage of equipment and to transport manpower to and from incidents. This unit also carries a 2010 state of the art Hurst rescue tool system, which was purchased with funding received from the 2009 Federal Fire Act Grant.

Miscellaneous 311
This 2004 Chevy One Ton 4x4 pick-up serves as the fire departments grass and brush firefighting unit
This auto functions as a brush fire unit.

Command Unit
This unit is a 2009 Chevrolet Tahoe. It serves as the primary response vehicle for the Department Duty Chief

Emergency Rural Water Access

The department in cooperation with The Soil and Water Conservation Department and several local landowners have put in service 8 Dry Hydrants for almost instant access to local ponds, even when they are frozen over in the winter.

We wish to thank the many landowners who have granted us permission and given us easements to place these hydrants and use these ponds. Many thanks also go to the Soil & Water Conservation Department for providing the parts and expertise to allow this program to become a reality.

Gator 31






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